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Bernice Stegers has been designing and making her own clothes for 40 years, starting in the 1960s as a teenager when she customized her school uniform in the style of Mary Quant (much to her teachers’ dismay). Pursuing her love of textile and colour as well as her passion for the East, Bernice set out to source the materials and the artisans to make and dye the perfect cashmere cardigan, something she couldn’t find anywhere. She wanted cardigans that were beautiful, different, with a distinctive and stylish edge—so she decided to make them herself. She discovered the ideal workshop in Kathmandu, a cashmere production facility that employs mostly women and treats all staff in accordance with fair trade principles. Working directly with this facility in Kathmandu, Bernice now designs and supervises the production of BC Cashmere’s distinctive line of clothing and accessories.

Camilla Campbell-Smith has 10 years of business experience, with a specialized knowledge of import/export logistics and high-end luxury products. She got her start with an exclusive private members club in London, organising and coordinating the social lives of its high-profile membership. She then moved into her family business importing and distributing luxury Spanish food to London’s top restaurants and delicatessens as well as to wholesalers around the U.K. With her entrepreneurial flair and in-depth knowledge of the luxury market, Camilla has the business skills that perfectly complement Bernice’s creative talents.



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